Year of the Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf

2015 is the year of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. They are featured on almost every home show, every garden and home magazine and just make a stunning indoor feature plant. They are the perfect low maintenance indoor plant and are super easy to care for.

Tips on caring for our Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Water your fig tree when only the top inch of soil is dry
Keep your fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light
Fertilize once a month during growing seasons, but not in winter
Because of their large surface, fiddle leaf fig leaves tend to collect a lot of dust. To keep the plant healthy (dust can block light absorption), wipe dust off with a soft cloth

These gorgeous plants are hard to find and sell out within days. Over the last couple of months, Westlake Nursery received a shipment of 1.8m tall Fiddles, the biggest in Melbourne which sold out instantly.

Fiddle Leaf Figs will make a stunning feature in your home or office. Enjoy some of my indoor plant-home spiration.