Wall climbers are more than just plants; they’re nature’s vertical artists. With their ability to ascend structures, they transform plain walls into living canvases. Read More At Westlake Nursery, our collection of wall climbers promises to elevate the aesthetics of any space

From balconies to expansive gardens, we have the perfect climbers for your space.

Transforming Spaces with Graceful Ascents

Embrace the vertical dimension of your garden with climbers that rise with elegance. From walls to trellises, watch as these plants transform spaces, gracefully ascending to new heights and adding layers of beauty.

Evergreen Climbers

A Year-Round Display Evergreen climbers are the stalwarts of the climbing world.

They retain their vibrant foliage throughout the year, ensuring your garden remains lively even in colder months. Their persistent greenery offers a backdrop that complements seasonal blooms, making them a favourite among garden enthusiasts.

Native Climbers

Celebrating Local Flora Australia boasts a rich tapestry of native climbers, each with its unique charm and adaptability. These climbers are not only beautiful but also resilient, often requiring less maintenance and water.

Fast Growing Climbers

Quick Transformations For those looking to make an immediate impact, fast-growing climbers are the answer. They ascend rapidly, covering trellises, walls, and fences in no time.

Perfect for new gardens or spaces that need a quick refresh, these climbers deliver results that are both swift and stunning.

Fence Climbers

Breathing Life into Boundaries Fences often serve as boundaries, but with the right climbers, they can become focal points. Fence climbers weave their magic, turning mundane barriers into vertical gardens.

Whether you’re looking to add privacy or simply enhance the beauty of your fence, our range offers the perfect solution. Browse through our collection and discover climbers that resonate with the local landscape.

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