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Standard Plants

Welcome to Westlake Nursery, a top-rated plant nursery in Melbourne. Our collection of standard plants Read More promises to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden, patio, or even indoor spaces.

A Unique Garden Statement

Step into the artistic realm of garden design. These unique and captivating plants are more than just greenery. They are living sculptures that add a layer of sophistication to your outdoor spaces. In this section, we’ll explore the artistry behind standard plants and how they can serve as the statement pieces in your garden’s visual narrative.

A Touch Of Elegance

They offer a unique blend of elegance and sophistication that can transform any garden into a work of art. With their distinct structure and form, they serve as captivating focal points that elevate your garden’s overall design.

Versatility Meets Beauty

But the beauty of standard plants goes beyond their appearance. They are incredibly versatile, suitable for a range of settings from formal gardens to more casual outdoor spaces. Their adaptability offers endless possibilities for creative landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Standard Plants In Gardening?

Standard plants refer to plants that have been trained to grow in a specific form, often resembling a small tree, adding a unique aesthetic to your garden.

How Do I Care For Standard Plants?

Caring for standard plants generally involves regular pruning to maintain their unique shape, and they may require staking for additional support.

Can Standard Plants Be Grown In Pots?

Absolutely! Many standard plant varieties are well-suited for container gardening, allowing you to bring their elegance to patios and balconies.

What Types Of Plants Can Be Grown As Standard Plants?

A wide range of plants, from flowering varieties to evergreens, can be trained as standard plants, offering you a plethora of choices for your garden.

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We understand how plants can transform your surroundings and create a serene environment. Whether you are dreaming of a lush garden oasis or looking to add a touch of greenery to your interior, we have the perfect plants to meet your needs.... Read More Our extensive collection includes a diverse range of plant varieties, such as beautiful flowering plants, low-maintenance succulents, elegant ferns, vibrant tropical plants, even potting mixes, and so much more!

Buy plants online in Melbourne at Westlake Nursery and discover the sheer joy they bring. With our user-friendly online platform, you can effortlessly explore our extensive selection, making the plant shopping experience a breeze. We take great pride in offering top-notch quality, ensuring that only the finest plants make their way onto our customers doorsteps.

So go ahead, take a leisurely browse through our plants online Melbourne collection today, and invite the captivating beauty of nature into your home or garden with Westlake Nursery. Read Less...

Evergreen / Ornamental

Gardenia Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Ficus hillii Flash Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Standard Roses


Evergreen / Ornamental

Ficus Midnight Beauty Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Standard Big Red Lilly Pilly


Evergreen / Ornamental

Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Azalea Shirazz Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Duranta Geisha Girl Standard


Evergreen / Ornamental

Dipladenia Scarlet Pimpernel


Evergreen / Ornamental

Lilly Pilly Ruby Bliss (Standard)


Creepers and Climbers

Bougainvillea Standard