Myoporum Fine Leaf Form


The Myoporum Fine Leaf Form has slender and fine-textured leaves, which give it an elegant and sophisticated look. Its delicate foliage makes it stand out from other shrubs, creating a visually captivating masterpiece. Read More Whether as a standalone focal point or part of a larger garden design, this shrub adds a refined touch to any outdoor space.

It is also incredibly versatile in its landscape use. It can serve as a stunning border plant, creating defined edges and boundaries. Additionally, it adds a touch of class to rock gardens or can be used as a low hedge, providing privacy while maintaining an elegant appeal.

Key Features

Delicate Fine Leaves: The delicate nature of its foliage gives it a unique visual appeal that stands out among other shrubs.

Compact Growth Habit: This shrub exhibits a compact growth habit, making it ideal for smaller gardens or spaces.

Drought Tolerance: Once planted, it requires minimal watering, making it a low-maintenance choice for busy gardeners or areas with limited water availability.

Versatile Landscape Use: It can be used as a stunning border plant, a striking accent in rock gardens, or as a low hedge.

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20 - 34 Plants 5%
35 - 50 Plants 10%
51 - 300 Plants 15%
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